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5-Day TESOL Certification Course

TESOL Certification Methods to teach English. Jordan Stackhouse Teach English   TEFL training ESL


Online Teaching Workshop

Grammar Clinic

Pronunciation Lab

Job Opportunities


1 Billion people need to learn English. Find jobs with us. 

Pronunciation Segment

Helping your students with their pronunciation takes great skill and patience. Join us for comprehensive training to improve pronunciation

Neural Gym

Juggling increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Great for sequential vocabulary and verb tenses!

Get your students out of their seats and using the language!

We train you how to inspire your students to enthusiastically practise what they are learning. With our program you will see rapid progress in the ability of your students to SPEAK the target language.

The Sound of a Healthy Language Class

There is a time and place for quiet study, BUT, when teaching a language your classroom should sound like this one. With highly motivated students seeking out opportunities to use the language they are learning.

Five-day TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Course


30+ distinct methods

You will be taught more than 30 distinct methods to teach English. These methods can also  be used to teach ANY language that you are fluent in, including sign language!  During the course, you will be given many opportunities to practice the teaching methods  while they are still fresh in your mind. You will be given personalized feedback after each teaching practice. Rather than view each method as a stand alone technique, you will be shown how to integrate them throughout your syllabus to produce dynamic, systematic and highly productive lesson plans. Use your certification to teach online or in the classroom. 


Our system and our team will help you to develop  the confidence you need to teach English one-on-one or in a classroom setting both to adults and children. Feel free to peruse the  Testimonials section our site for more comments from our graduates.

Online Teaching Workshop

Teaching English and other languages online is a lucrative market that is growing exponentially.  Our online teaching workshop will walk you through the most popular platforms and show you the best methods and resources to use.

Grammar Clinic

Need to brush up on your past participles? No problem! Our Grammar Clinic will bring you up to speed.

Pronunciation Lab

We show you the nuts and bolts of articulatory system and specific techniques and methods to help your students master any pronunciation challenges. 

TESOL Certification 5-day seminar outline


Day One

§ Introduction

§ The Communicative Approach

§ Vocabulary

§ Benefits of Bilingualism

§ Neural Gym-Workout #1

§ Spaced Learning 

§ Functional Transliteration

§ Audio Lessons

§ The Army Method

§ Grammar Mapping Part 1

Day Two

§ Grammar Mapping Part 2

§ Reading Comprehension

o  Scan/Skimming

§ Total 

§ Neural Gym-Workout #2

§ Online Teaching Part 1

§ Mnemonic Encoding

§ Dictation

§ English Grammar Clinic Part 1

§ Teaching Practicum Preparation

Day Three

§ Teaching Practicum #1

§ Online Teaching Part 2

§ Creative Writing

§ English Grammar Clinic Part 2

§ Kinesthetic Reading

§ Sequential Learning

§ Bilingual Exercise

§ Pronunciation

o Stress/Rhythm

o Connected Speech

o Exaggerated Articulation

§ Teaching Practicum Preparation

Day Four

§ Teaching Practicum #2

§ Dynamic Dialogue

§ Neural Gym-Workout #3 

§ Crowdsourcing

§ Precis

§ Grammar Clinic Part 3

§ Curriculum Design

§ Music

§ Echo Reading

§ Question Period

§ Dual Text Translation

§ Teaching Practicum Preparation

Day Five

§ Teaching Practicum #3

§ Muscle Memory

§ Flashcards

§ Teaching Online Part 3

§ Teaching Idioms

§ Using Video

§ C.A.L.L

§ Online Teaching Part 4

§ Linguistic Algebra

...And Much More!!!

150-hour online certificate


Coming soon!

English/Spanish/Swahili Lessons


Starting in the spring of 2020 we will be launching our online English, Swahili and Spanish lessons