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"I loved the active interaction and opportunities to practice methods throughout the class. ASHLEY (July 2-6, 2019 Course)

"It was an intense and valuable week.  Jordan,  our instructor, did a magnificent job presenting the seminar and infusing his own dynamic energy and enthusiasm into each method he taught." RIANNA (July 2-6, 2019 Course)

"I have had post secondary education relevant to this field of practice and have gone through various workshops, seminars, and programs and I have to say that this course was by far the best. The variety of methods, the hands on experience as both teachers and learners with all of the methods, and the knowledge of the teacher blew me away. I am telling all of my friends and colleagues about this program. I left this program excited to teach and confident in my abilities to do so. I cannot thank you enough for what you have given me and I hope I can give back as best I can." MICHELLE (July 2-6, 2019 Course)

"What an amazing class to be a part of! It truly could have saved me from a lot of stress the last two years of teaching (trial and error) without having done this course.  I definitely did things backwards. Take this class first is what I highly recommend!"- RANDY (July 2-6, 2019 Course)

"Shortly after the course, I taught an ESL course briefly as a volunteer. My students thoroughly enjoyed the methods. Later, I started teaching English with an online company to get my feet wet. In April of this year I was able to quit my job and teach English completely on line. The pay was better than my job at the bank and the university where I was working.  It is in San Francisco with excellent pay. I could choose my own schedule. Taking the course was one of the hands down best decisions of my life.  I told a young person in my area about the course. Unbeknownst to me she formed a group of young people and took the course., now she is quitting her full-time job  and had an interview with a ESL company today! Thank-you for such an excellent class!"-MEADOW 

“I enjoyed how Jordan added humour while instructing.  The actual teaching practice with other classmates (was, at first nerve wrecking) but turned out to be the most useful in the long run.”-CANDACE

“The lectures were informative, demonstrations were effective, and even the jokes and personal experiences were a good break from an otherwise dry subject.  The scientific material about neuroscience was also very helpful. Jordan is an excellent instructor with a relaxed manner of teaching.”-KEN 


“I enjoyed the class dynamics, It was lovely and unpredictable.  Jordan made learning a ''fun'' experience. I felt that I learned a lot in one week.”-TU LE


“The tools taught here will allow me to distinguish my teaching from those who went to a traditional school.  Our instructor set the example of how to be enthusiastic and dynamic. All the explanations were clear and useful.”-ITZEL


“Jordan forced us to continually act beyond our comfort zone.  He used humour to break down our barriers.  The class was fast paced.”-NAOMI 


“Way more enjoyable and memorable than other courses I've taken.   Very informative and a lot of fun.  Thank you, Jordan.”-SABRINA


“I particularly enjoyed Jordan's anecdotes, but really enjoyed the method on Idea Mapping and will be sure to use this method for meetings.”-OLIVIA 


“It was so lively.  Jordan you are an excellent teacher. 40 wonderful techniques and you showed us how to use them all.” -CAROL

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"What an amazing class to be a part of! It truly could have saved me from a lot of stress the last two years of teaching (trial and error) without having done this course.  I definitely did things backwards. Take this class first is what I highly recommend!" -RANDY

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Letter from educator Joanne Thibault – Victoria, BC

In planning for wintering for four months in west coast Mexico, I decided to outfit myself with the skills needed so I could volunteer to help teach English to tourism workers there. As the saying goes, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” and I came across an advertisement for a five-day intensive TESOL Certification training course to qualify people to teach English anywhere in the world. TESOL is the abbreviation for: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. 

The course is offered by Victoria BC based Pure Language Institute, owned and operated by Jordan and Ruth Stackhouse, who have spent 25 years travelling the globe and helping teachers become very skilled at teach languages – including signed languages. They have trained language instructors in a multitude of countries, including  Dominican Republic, Spain, Russia, South Korea, Poland,  Tanzania, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, Japan, India, Italy, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar, and Romania – as well as Canada!

There is also a special value-added that the Pure Language Team offers their students. Jordon Stackhouse notes, “we have also been students of foreign languages, becoming fluent in Spanish and Swahili. We have a keen insight into the learning experience and know first-hand the  frustration and satisfaction of learning a new language. We have authentic empathy for the challenges our students face.” 

I immediately signed-up for the 5-day intensive at the Pure Language website,, grateful that the tuition fee was affordable, with discounts also offered for those volunteering to teach English. My registration was promptly processed and communications from Pure Language helped me get fully prepared for the course. 

The five days were intensive but in an exciting, efficient and highly effective way. We learned all day and had homework at night. There were thirty of us in the class and it was inspiring to be in the company of so many young people taking the course so they could teach English overseas in developing nations. Their enthusiasm and dedication to doing something worthwhile was very motivating. Another group of us were retirees, like me, looking to give back as we travelled to warm weather winter destinations, or aimed to help new Canadians with their English language skills. One fellow was taking the course so he could help his Arabic-speaking partner who was having a very tough time learning English. 

The most powerful aspect of the course was the incredible teaching competency of Jordan Stackhouse. Jordan was a living example of the methods and techniques that are proven to deliver the most rapid and most retained language learning. As humans learn best in 15 minute segments, punctuated with regular breaks, Jordan continually engaged the class in different activities to demonstrate the material. As students, we learned how-to through hands-on exercises like teaching each other, taking quizzes and playing games. Knowing that movement is a significant aid to learning, Jordan regularly had the class complete walking and talking exercises. It was incredible to experience how the energy released in movement really did promote learning. 

The homework assignments allowed each student to select a teaching method that appealed to them and create a sample lesson that was delivered to a small group the next morning using that method. Students evaluated each other’s lessons based on 8 different criteria. By the end of the course it was easy to identify teaching strengths and areas where further attention would be helpful. 

The course was of benefit to students across a broad spectrum. For those with formal teaching backgrounds, the Pure Language curriculum added new tools and techniques to their toolkits, and also gave them insights about the unique aspects of teaching a new language to foreign speakers. Students who had some informal training experience, or inclination, were now equipped to systematically and intelligently design and deliver their own English-language courses. And those completely new to training, and language training in particular, had a framework within which to continue their learning, now with some very relevant practice under their belts. 

The Pure Language 5-day TESOL intensive makes entirely good on its claim, “Our system and our team will help you to develop and gain the confidence you need to teach English one-on-one or in a classroom setting to both adults and children.” Indeed, it is learning that can and does change lives for the better. 

Joanne Thibault – Victoria, BC