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Jordan Stackhouse. Teaching Language Seminar in Australia. Learn the best methods to teach English

Our Story

We are a husband and wife team from Canada who have enjoyed 25 years of travel, adventure and learning languages.  We are fluent in Spanish and Swahili, and specialize in teaching English.  Helping teachers become very skilled at teaching languages - including  signed languages - is our passion! We have lived and worked in the Dominican Republic, Spain, Russia, Poland and Tanzania. Our work of training language instructors has also taken us to Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, India, Italy, Kenya, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Myanmar, and Romania. Since we have many times been both students of a foreign language and also instructors - we have been able to develop keen insight into the learning experience.  Experiencing  the  frustration and satisfaction of studying Russian, Spanish and Swahili has given us empathy for the challenges our students face. We are delighted to share the knowledge that we have gained from these experiences with you during your training and as you embark on your exciting journey as a language teacher.


Our Credentials

In addition to 20 years of teaching English and Spanish privately and in schools, we earned our C.E.L.T.A. in Edinburgh, Scotland.  (Certification in English Language Teaching to Adults - issued by Cambridge English Language Assessment Part of the University of Cambridge) We spent three years teaching deep-structure English pre-translation text analysis to translators in Warsaw, Poland and St. Petersburg, Russia. Over a period of nine years, Jordan Stackhouse -  our principal instructor -  has traveled to 16 countries and trained over 1000 language instructors with the same accelerated and dynamic methods you will learn in our one week seminar.

Jordan Stackhouse. Teaching Language Seminar in Korea. Learn the best methods to teach English

Our Mission

One billion people want to learn English! Our intensive and interactive program will thoroughly equip you to teach English and/or any other language in which you are proficient. We are convinced that, upon successful completion of our course, you will have the skills and the confidence to  start teaching right away - both in the classroom and online. 

Our commitment to Volunteerism.

Six Powerful Words

 “What can I do to help?” Six words that make a difference. Six words that make the world a better place.  Around the planet there are millions of people who dedicate time daily or weekly to helping others in need-free of charge. All of us at the Pure Language Institute have spent considerable time volunteering at home and around the world. Check out some of our experiences below.

We appreciate all those who enjoy this work and wish to recognize their contribution by providing a special discount for our 5-day TESOL certification seminar to any of these heroes. For more information contact us directly at info@purelanguage.ca 

Relief Work-Building homes in Tanzania

Relief Work-Building homes in Tanzania