Why become a language teacher with us ?

Location Independent!

1) Support yourself financially

Support yourself financially, while being location independent!

2) Learn how to be self-employed.

Start your own online business with guidance from experienced and successful private teachers. 

3) Gain confidence and courage.

Gain the confidence needed to fulfill your dream of moving to another country or support yourself at home.  In just 5 intensive days, you will feel transformed into a more confident, and capable teacher.

4) Join the club!

Meet other people with exactly the same goals as you! 

5) No long term education debt!

We offer a very affordable way to get qualified to teach English or any other language in which you are proficient. Taking our program will save you between $500 to $2000 dollars, when compared to other TESOL Certification Programs.

6) Ready and qualified to teach in one intensive week!

Become certified and ready to walk into a classroom – virtual or otherwise – and start working immediately upon finishing our one-week course .

7) Benefit from experienced, authentic instructors.

Gain insight from the combined 50 years of teaching and life experience of our instructors. They  have traveled to 50 countries and lived in 9 of them.  They have learned 3 languages and counting…

8) Explore the neuroscience behind learning.

In addition to learning how the brain prefers to learn a language, you will explore its potential to learn anything!

9) Not a dull moment during class!

Experience the laughter and joy of our classroom setting, group discussions and teaching practices. A thrilling, inspiring experience  unlike anything you may have experienced in a traditional classroom.

10) Acquire a reliable Plan B.

Don’t fancy teaching a language as a life-long profession?  We completely understand! Still, getting this qualification is a wise investment which can carry you over until you find other employment or as a means of supporting yourself if you plan to live in a foreign country. The demand for English teachers is insatiable! Our training and your certificate will be there when you need it.